Dematerialize the evaluation process of employees to improve efficiency

Reliable assessment process for effective resource planning

Personnel assessments provide answers to the operational growing need for anticipation, adaptation and development of skills in order to provide each company with the necessary resources to achieve its strategic objectives.
The objective of every assessment is to allow the employee to analyze his skills in a perspective of awareness and growth and to allow the company to know all its strenghts by identifying the skills of its candidates and employees.

  • Summarizing the skills already present within the organization

  • Matching a candidate to the role

  • Identify potential candidates amongst present employees

  • Align skills to job descriptions

  • Make objective decisions and limit errors

  • Invest in training tailored and calibrated to your needs

  • Recognize the performance of your employees

  • Give visibility to your employees

Measure the potential and ambitions of your employees


Digitized and reliable assessment process

  • Advance planning of assessments
  • Automated processing of assessment results
  • Interactivity between Training, Skills and Recruitment operations

Employee mapping

  • Diagnostical and reliable skill analysis
  • Quick identification of skill gaps
  • Identification of gaps between current available resources and future needs

Employee loyalty and retention

  • Personnalized development plans
  • Clarification of the role of each employee as compared to the company’s overall objectives
  • Assessment of career and mobility choices

Effectively assess your employees to support the individual and group performance of your teams



  • Assessment of professional achievements
  • Looking for areas for improvement
  • All employees treated with fairness
  • Global foresight of career development


  • Finding previously undetected abilities
  • Finding and identifying training needs
  • Gap analysis between people profiles and roles
  • Better tracking of individual and overall objectives


  • Summary of skills available in the organization
  • Decrease in recruitment error rate
  • Operational support to help you manage your HR work
  • Anticipating future business needs


  • One-on-one, annual, professional, regular and end-of-employment rounds of interviews and meetings

  • Performance assessment

  • Skill assessment by objectives and key performance indicators

  • Unlimited number of assessments

  • Regular and complete assessments

  • Managing mandatory assessments

  • Self-assessment campaign

  • Skill mapping

Intuitive, comprehensive and modular HR software
  • Unlimited number of customizable interview forms
  • Customizable assessment forms
  • Editing assessment form
  • Grid to facilitate the interview process
  • Automatic sending of invitations
  • Automated and configurable reminder alert
  • Quick access to assessment summaries and results
  • High level of customization
  • Quick start-up
  • We host your data (SAAS)
    We comply with data protection laws (GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Secure environment
  • Responsive Web Design on all the devices
  • Multilingual
  • Support for customized settings*

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