HR Reports

Monitor your HR results !

HR reporting software for efficiently managing the overall performance of your human resources!

1000 HR indicators available

Simplify the analysis of your data!

Customizable HR dashboards

Make your HR management practices more reliable!

Response to the legal obligations arising from the analysis of HR data

Productivity gain

Management of salaries

HR management

Gain of efficiency in decision making

Productivity gain

Elimination of both the manual collection of data and automation of HR indicator calculations resulting in a reduction in execution time and hence producing a clear gain in efficiency

Management of salaries

Complete and advanced visibility of salary trends for all employees and analysis of the success of the HR actions alreay implemented

HR management

Monitoring the evolution of HR data and objectively interpreting the information being analyzed at a predetermined frequency and according to targeted objectives

Gain of efficiency in decision making

Efficient reporting tool that simplifies the decision-making process

Response to the legal obligations arising from the analysis of HR data

Generation of your social report in a few seconds including all legal indicators

Simplified analysis of HR data thanks to reliable and standardized HR indicators


Automate the collection and processing of HR data !

The calculation of indicators is natively integrated into HRMAPS. The HR indicators are pre-filled with the HR data available in our HRIs. You can also build HR indicators by importing data from Excel files.

No more wasted time collecting HR data, re-entry errors and the risk of file loss… no risk of manual error, the automation of data collection and reading makes you more productive and reliable !

Get a simplified view of all your HR data

HR indicators are automatically updated to obtain updated values concerning the human capital of the company

Make your HR management system more reliable !

A powerful tool for analyzing and viewing HR information ,to search within your databases and get up-to-date results even for large amounts of HR data.

Our HR dashboards make it easy to visualize, understand and analyze your data in real time !

  • Support and simplify data for an optimal grasp of your HR data
  • Improve your decision-making process and facilitate problem solving
  • Onjectively measure the results and repercussions of your HR actions
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for improvement
  • Anticipate changes – Plan ahead

It has never been easier to set up your HR dashboards !

Creating an HR dashboard is done in just two steps: :
Choose your HR indicators
Generate your HR dashboard

Intuitive, scalable and fully customizable dashboards !

All HRMAPS HR dashboards are flexible and totally configurable !
Cross, sort, filter your HR data from every angle ! Spend minimal effort designing your HR dashboards and focus on data analysis !


Target a profile by job category… for a detailed analysis of your HR data

Motoring of results

Define your base employment levels and receive alerts when levels are either met or exceeded


Add information to your HR dashboards in order to explain past, present and future business trends

Sharing of results

Share your results with the other departments within the company

Discover the potential of HRIS HRMAPS !

A solution that absolutely meets all your HR needs

Flexible, comprehensive and scalable HR software

  • Responsive website
  • Advanced management of user rights ( by company, by activity sector , by job profile, etc.)
  • Multi-user, multi-sector, multi-organization
  • High level of customization
  • Support for the customization of settings*

The HR Reports module were developed by our partner QuickMS and are natively connected to HRMAPS

Answers to your questions about HR indicators

What is the definition of an HR indicator ?

HR indicators are quantitative and qualitative data that make it possible to analyze the effectiveness of actions implemented within the HR function and to monitor the evolution of this data from one period to another. These indicators facilitate HR reporting, help you make strategic decisions and support you in managing your HR activities.

What are the different types of HR indicators ?

There are several different types of HR indicators, the latter being classified according to categories  grouping different KPIs.


The main indicators being:

  • Financial
  • Human
  • Professional risk, safety at work
  • Sociodemographic
  • Salary or pay

How to analyze HR indicators ?

The HR dashboard allows for relevant monitoring and in-depth analysis of your indicators. Displaying data through graphs, tables and curves guarantees that one gets precise understanding and real-time automated monitoring capability of the evolution of HR data in order to achieve an effective analysis of one’s HR actions.

The answers to your questions about HR dashboards

Why do an HR diagnosis ?

An HR diagnosis makes it possible to assess the level of efficiency of the HR department in order to be able to check the consistency between your HR strategy and the management of your human resources. This approach contributes to highlighting the strengths and constraints as a necessary step to make before being able to achieve the full potential of your business.

What is an HR dashboard ?

The HR dashboard is a management tool that is essential for the smooth running and management of human resources; the data it contains reflects the current situation of the HR function.

For an effective data analysis, the choice of HR indicators must be consistent with the company’s HR strategy and the documentation provided by these indicators must be clear, simple and understandable even for other departments.

Why use an HR dashboard ?

The HR dashboard facilitates HR analysis and reporting, it provides visibility of the various changes, allows trends to be detected and guides the HR department  decision-making.

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