Leave & Absences

Make leaves of absence management easy, automated and reliable

Optimize the administrative management of leaves and absences for your employees and teams

Facilitating and automating the management of leaves and absences improve the performance of the company. It is important to be able to focus on strategic tasks and to allow managers, employees and collaborators to focus exclusively on strategic activities. A solution is therefore needed to easily manage all leaves and absences: taking into account monthly absences for illness and work related accidents, paid leave, number of hours worked …

  • Make your management process of leaves and absences more reliable

  • Eliminate manual entries and incorrect entries

  • Empower your employees, external collaborators and managers

  • Decentralize the management of HR

  • Save time on administrative management

Simplified and standardized management of leaves and absence


Automating leave application and validation processes

  • Streamlining leave application and validation processes
  • Reliable calculation of paid leave
  • Digitization of complex HR processes

Visibility on the planning and on the remaining number of leaves of absence

  • Real-time updates on planning and on the remaining number of leaves of absence
  • Permanent access for all to share planning
  • Detailed view of requests and authorizations for leaves of absences

Centralized monitoring of absenteeism

  • Analysis of of the remaining number of leaves and absences that are carried over and the trends for each workforce
  • Individual monitoring of leaves of absence of employees and collaborators
  • Analysis of absenteeism rate

Digitize leave and absence management



  • Quick and easy entry of absence requests
  • Tracking the status of requests with automated notifications
  • Real-time view of the remaining number of leaves of absence
  • The possibility of attaching supporting documents to any application


  • Automated notifications for new requests
  • Quick check and one-click validation of requests
  • Notification to proceed changes
  • Real-time monitoring of the teams’ plans


  • Deletion of repetitive and low value entries
  • Reliable and easy access to absence monitoring
  • Increased administrative control
  • Paperless staff management
  • Better payroll accuracy
  • Scanning Supporting Documents using smartphones

  • Automatically adding and updating the number of leaves of absence

  • Tracking the number of hours worked in overtime

  • Automatically controling paid leave entitlements

  • Management of repetitive leaves of absence, of part-time employees, holidays ..

  • Management of sick leave

  • Managing the number of hours worked

  • Managing overtime

  • Management of rest time and paid leaves

  • Management of paid leaves

  • Monitoring using specific key indicators: Absenteeism rates, rates by reason of absence, absence from duty, days worked/year, unauthorized absences

Intuitive, comprehensive and modular HR software
  • Checking remaining budgets from Payroll / GTA (time and activity management) and transmission of validated absences to payroll / GTA (time and activity management)
  • List of predefined types of leaves of absence
  • Different types of leaves of absences adapted to union contracts or the employee manual
  • Checking that requests for absence are consistent with training, interviews
  • Dynamic and interactive online calendar
  • Request summary
  • Responsive Web Design on all the devices
  • High level of customization
  • We host your data (SAAS)
    We comply with data protection laws (GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Checking the accuracy of expense reports according to the presence of the employee or collaborator
  • Multilingual
  • Quick start-up
  • Secure environment
  • Support for customized settings*

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