Expense Report

Simplify the management of expense reports

Dematerialize the management of expense reports

Manual entry, verification of supporting documents, incomplete documents, paper forms to check, calculation errors, employee requests piling up … managing expense reports is tedious for companies and has your HR department waste precious time.

  • Simplify requests and avoid delays in data entry

  • Accelerate the verification and the payment of expenses reports

  • Eliminate paper vouchers and manual data entry

  • Make your employees, external collaborators and managers empowered

Automate the management of expense reports


Simplify requests

  • Requests are made in a few clicks.
  • Elimination of paper vouchers and manual entries
  • Association of the mission request process with the expenses reports process

Faster processing and payment of expenses

  • Validation in 1 clic
  • Save processing time
  • Simple and customizable approval process

Cost control

  • Control of the value of expenditures
  • Real-time visibility and total control over expenses

Improve the satisfaction of your employees and external collaborators by accelerating expense reimbursements



  • Follow-uo of the reimboursement process with automated notifications
  • accelerated reimboursement
  • Faster request entry


  • Automated notifications for new requests
  • One-click authorization of requests
  • Alert in case of exceeding the expenses policy


  • Eliminate incorrect entries and reduce processing time
  • Automatic calculation of amounts that have to be reimbursed
  • Automated exporting of accounting expenses

Expense Management

  • Deduction of restaurant expenses
  • Management and chronology of expenses of internal and external guests
  • Management of corporate gifts
  • Choice of reimbursement method either by the payroll department, by the accounting department, or by electronic transfer from HRMAPS
  • Tax management
  • Classification of expenses by category
  • Predetermined types of expenses (meals, hotels, parking, etc.)
  • Allocation of expenses for training sessions according to their differentiated workflows: single entry and accounting by type of expense, training and non-training
  • Categorize your accounting entries so that you can track and analyze them. Management and reconciliation of expenses either linked to a declaration / allocation of costs by client, project and / or activity
  • Calculation of recoverable taxes

Expense policy

Control of compliance with the expense policy
  • Configuration of the types of expenses by type of population
  • Consistency check based on the presence of the employee or external collaborator
  • Control of expenses of the same type and of the same amount on the same day
  • fixing the reimbursement conditions by type
  • Ceilings exceeding alerts
  • Blocking of reimbursements in the event of an exceeding


  • 3-level approval workflows
  • Approval of workflows according to the total amount of submitted expenses

Management of reimbursement of travel expenses

  • Automatic calculation of distances traveled
  • Automated predetermination of the traveling distance between home and the workplace
  • Saving favorite path
  • Choice of the tax reimbursement method: usual or personalized

Advance management

  • Management of advance requests for expenses or mission orders
  • Automatic deduction of deposits advances

Management of ceilings by type of expenditure

  • Management of daily allowance
  • Determination of the maximum amount of the ceiling per period
  • Management of expense limits per period
  • Definition of ceilings by type of population
  • Management of limits by amount

Calculation processes

  • Automatic calculation of amounts to be reimbursed
  • Breakdown of expenses by type and period
  • Calculation of fees associated with expenses such as direct debit bank in% or in fixed amount
  • Calculation of recoverable taxes
  • Automatic verification of deductible taxes


  • Expenses details with visual indication for exceeding the limits
  • Visual indicator for refused expenses with the display of refusal reasons
  • Status and summary of all expense reports: validation requested, approved
  • History and traceability of operations


  • According to a category of expenses
  • By type of expenses
  • By employee category

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