Carreer Management

Manage skills and support the development of roles

Support the development of your employees

Organizations tend to manage the careers of employees the company way or solely according to their corporate needs. However, without clear and personnalized career plans, without tracking their professional paths and without retention tools, maintaining employee’s level of involvement and motivation becomes more difficult. Effective management of career plans provides leverage for increased employee loyalty and hence a guarantee of higher performance for the company.

  • Reduce employee turnover and increase retention rate

  • Develop employee skills and adaptation to the role

  • Value individual and team skills

  • Develop employee flexibility

  • Encourage employee involvement in company projects

  • Build transition plans to ensure skills transfer

The right skills in the right place at the right time


Predictive Management of Employment and Skills

  • Strengthening the match between your needs and resources
  • Adapting roles to changes in the company strategy
  • Anticipating staff changes

Optimizing career management policy

  • Designing skill development plans that are specific and customized
  • Designing carrer plans adapted to the skills of employees and to the objectives of the organization
  • Implementation of a management strategy for employment, recruitment and training

The employee contributes to the design of his own professional carrer path



  • The employee contributes to the design of his own professional carrer path
  • An individual and personalized development program
  • A better carrer outlook and a better consideration of employee’s hopes
  • Visibility for the long-term career development opportunities


  • Developement of strategic roles and matching them to the appropriate level of required skills
  • Aligning employees to career paths and personalized tracking of their progression
  • Identifying training measures intended to the development of skills
  • Management of skill acquisition and development


  • Development of a career management policy
  • Implementing a strategy in order to find alternatives to key roles
  • Creating operational and geographical mobility paths
  • Defining substitution plans in case of retirements and terminations


  • Managing career plans to match employee’s desires to the organization’s business needs

  • Internal and external skill adjustment policies

  • Managing operational and geographical internal mobility/flexibility

  • Managing high-level executives

  • Predictive Management of Employment and Skill policy

  • Internal and external skill adjustment policies

Intuitive, comprehensive and modular HR software
  • Interacting with recruitment, assessment,skill and training components
  • Requests fo geographical and operational mobility
  • Training request
  • Customizable dashboard
  • high level of customization
  • We host your data (SAAS)
    We comply with data protection laws (GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Quick start-up
  • Secure environment
  • Responsive Web Design on all the devices
  • Multilingual
  • Support for customized settings*

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