Hiring & Internal mobility

Advanced Recruitment Process and Library Management

Advanced Recruitment Process and Library Management

In SMEs as well as in large organizations, the hiring process is a real challenge. The process has become a strain for recruiters and is also long and complex for candidates.
The digitization of recruitment allows you to have a clear, rational and trackable process. It also allows you to provide candidates with a pleasant experience and thus carry out quality hirings.

  • Simplify and accelerate your hiring processes

  • Speed up the sorting of resumes and easily manage selected profiles

  • Do online interviews

  • Quickly identify candidates that fit with the positions to be filled

  • Decentralize decision-making

  • Shrink both selection times and costs

Automate the process and increase recruitment efficiency


Automated management of announcements

  • Multi platform broadcasting of job offers: career pages, job boards and social networks
  • Matching each role to be filled to a customizable hiring process to enable qualitative recruitment
  • Managing unsollicited applications

ATS or Applicant Tracking System ( a solution for managing the hiring process)

  • Standardizing the process so as not to redefine the steps with each new hiring
  • Centralized and automated sorting of all applications
  • Identifying potential candidates and managing a bank of quality profiles
  • Atomated management of applications linked to your bank of candidates

Reliable and accurate pre-selection of candidates

  • Comparing both internal and external talent
  • Collaborative recruitment: sharing of profiles between stakeholders having different permissions
  • Evaluating profiles objectively: series of tests made of multiple choice questionaires to be passed directly on the platform
  • Interview planning with potential for integration of video interview modules

Improve the efficiency and quality of your recruitment



  • An improved candidate experience
  • Presence of a complete job description
  • Subscribe to select job alerts
  • Access to the portal for tracking applications and adding external files


  • Pre-selection of the best candidates according to objective selection criteria
  • Planning assessments and interviews
  • Tracking the recruitment process and the progression of applications
  • Faster recruitment cycle


  • Consistent and replicable recruitment process
  • Simplified management of large volumes of resumes and available roles
  • Overall view of the hiring processs
  • Improved HR Marketing


  • Advance announcements of job postings: sharing entry points, customizing the application form, creating a new offer from an existing one, publishing in privatel mode, etc.

  • Creation of an offer from an existing one and a publication in confidential mode …

  • Library of applicants: managing unsollicited applications, ranking and prioritization of applications

  • Customized carrer website or integration to an existing career website (job posting and applications)

  • Automated application management process: centralized inflow, duplicate merging,tracking the progression of applications in real time, etc.

  • Online assessment tests: skill test design or download, automated revision and confirmation of scores, Central test TTI

  • Internal collaborative space with a chat box gathering the notes of the various assessors

  • Delayed Video Interview

Intuitive, comprehensive and modular HR software
  • Records of all applications for a role
  • Advanced search by keywords, criteria and skills
  • Exchanging messages with candidates
  • Add additional external files to the candidate’s application
  • Automatic assistance: standard emails to automate recurring communications with your candidates (application confirmation, rejection, upcoming interview…)
  • Multi-site management
  • Integrated Interview Planning Management Agenda with Overlap Alert
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Interacting with recruitment, assessment and skill components
  • Indicateurs clés de suivi précis
  • We host your data (SAAS)
    We comply with data protection laws (GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Quick start-up
  • Secure environment
  • High level of customization
  • Responsive web design on all the devices
  • Multilingual
  • Support for customized settings*

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