Core HR

Centralize your HR data and manage your business effectively

Standardize data and make information more reliable

Scattering of data of employees and external collaborators, data entry errors, difficult access to information …centralization of HR data and automation of processes are becoming major challenges for companies. This will make information more reliable, reduce red tape in human resources departments and improve operational efficiency.

  • Centralize and structure all HR data

  • Digitize and simplify access to information

  • Get rid of time-consuming tasks

  • Protect and secure your data

Centralize all your data in one HR collaborative portal


Centralize all your data in one HR collaborative portal

  • Pool of data common to all employees and external collaborators
  • Multi-people, multi-channel, multi-site and multi-country HR management
  • Improving HR data quality and reliability

Rigourous management and optimization of HR data

  • Common HR processes developped for similar companies
  • Summary of HR opportunities
  • 360 degree staff analysis

Collaboration tool designed to empower employees and partners

  • Interactive HR communication
  • Collaboration and culture driven roles
  • Creating a corporate culture

Streamline, drive and optimize your HR strategy : Centralization of administrative data and digitization of either the employee or the collaborator files



  • Self-serve HR portal, all in one and on demand
  • The best possible employee experience from day one
  • A single access point for all HR requests: leaves of absence, training…
  • Leaders in the management of their own data


  • Easy access to team data with quick decision-making
  • Careful planning of all the different assigned tasks
  • Real-time monitoring of the progress of the various tasks per employee
  • Manage all instances of external employees or collaborators


  • Better contract data management with contract generator
  • Better data management throughtout the employee or collaborator journey
  • Automated management of various HR processes and their associated data
  • Key indicators for HR management and better data analysis


  • Generator of contracts & amendments

  • Electronic Document Management System (EDM)

  • Access to past records, roles and salaries of each employee and partner

  • HR alerts: end of contract, medical exam, mandatory training, etc

  • Generator of quiz, surveys and polls

  • Population distribution indicators and ratios

  • Follow-up of medical visits and HR requests

  • Business social network with instant messaging and chat

Intuitive, comprehensive and modular HR software

  • Quick start-up
  • Customizable HR dashboards
  • Multilingual
  • Responsive Web Design on all the devices
  • High level of customization
  • Easy and simple configuration of forms
  • Access to payroll, skill , time and activity management data
  • Support for customized settings*
  • Secure environment
  • We host your data (SAAS)
    We comply with data protection laws (GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation)

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