HRMAPS is a flexible, complete and modular HRIS intended to simplify the management of skills and human resources in order to maximize the corporate success of every company.

HRMAPS is an agile and dynamic HR management solution, created in Lyon in 2014 and digitally built and empowered to manage employee skills with efficiency. It steadily evolved with the needs of its customers, towards an “a la carte” HRIS solution. Since 2018, HRMAPS has been part of the OCTIME group, one of the France leaders in planning and time management.


HRMAPS is an international company with brick and mortar offices in four different countries: France, Russia, Tunisia and Morocco. In addition, the HRMAPS solution presently contributes to digitally managing more than 300,000 employees and collaborators, located in twenty different countries and present in a wide variety of sectors: retail, industry, service, medical, social, banking, insurance, and logistics.

An HRIS with complete functional capabilities

The HRMAPS HRIS solution supports organizations by centralizing their data and digitizing their HR functions. It covers all HR needs of the company, from the administrative management of employees to skill management.

HRMAPS offers a wide variety of pre-configured modules and functionalities that can be customized to the client’s structure, sector and objectives in order to accelerate an optimal solution deployment and facilitate the user autonomy.

HRMAPS is a user-friendly and collaborative solution that links both individual and collective competencies to the overall commitment and efficiency the company needs from its employees, whether it is a small or a large organization.

HRMAPS offers « a la carte » modules for administrative management:


Replacement and Contract


Preboarding et Offboarding






Learning Management Platform

The simplicity of an ergonomic and intuitive tool

HRMAPS is a HRIS that complies with all data protection laws (mainly GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation). It is available in SaaS mode, which means that we can securely host your data. It is easy to use and offers a high level of customization.

Our solution is “open source”. It is therefore compatible with most digital payroll solutions.

Discover the potential of HRIS HRMAPS

A solution that absolutely meets all your HR needs